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Approval level: 80%
Updated : 2008-05-20
Downloads this week: 443
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Category: ScreenSaver
SubCategory: Cartoon Screensavers
Type: Shareware
Size: 909kb.
Language: Program in Spanish 

"An animated screensaver made up of a collection of photos from this fun character with his friends."

Pocoyo photo show, as the name indicates, is a fun animated screensaver for your PC, made up of photos featuring Pocoyo and his friends.

Pocoyo is a cartoon series aimed at little children, named after the main character, a little boy, curious and fun, with energy to learn new things every day. He has become, in a short space of time, adored by children in every home.

In this Pocoyo photo show screensaver you can see diverse images taken from an instant photo camera, in which you can see Pocoyo together with his friends Pato, Elly, Loula, Pajaroto, etc., in different situations of the cartoon series.

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